Raspberry Pistachio cupcakes

Fluffy vanilla pistachio cake topped with fresh raspberries cream cheese frosting! Decorated with more raspberries and crunchy pistachio!

A box of 6 pcs: £12 /A box of 12 pcs: £22 / A box of 4 pcs: £8.80

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If you are looking to have a bespoke design for your special event feel free to contact us today with your ideas so that we can get to work on creating the perfect miniature cakes for you.

We can add a personalized topper to any of our cupcakes.

Our cupcakes are freshly baked from scratch using quality ingredients, and we pride ourselves in not using preservatives.

Our cupcakes are perfect for any party, celebration or corporate event and can be tailored made to suit birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries … or just great with an afternoon cup of tea!